I probably should be working out, going out, or something else other than what I have been doing this Labor Day weekend, but I simply don’t feel like it at all. My eyes are puffy, and my husband is scruffy. We both look like crap and have sort of revelled in it. We did go out to eat and see a movie in Oakland yesterday, but we stayed in our schleppy clothes. We were literally bumming out and not ashamed to like it.

Smithie/Smitty has been anxious, restless, and particularly needy. This has helped our lethargy because we haven’t been sleeping very well. Smitty has always been the vocal one; Weston was the silent type. I think we all miss his presence, and all are finding ways of distracting our thoughts from the ache. Smitty has been playing around with his toys, James has been playing with the new laptop he purchased yesterday from Best Buy to better work from home with (it’s amazing how inexpensive laptops are these days), and I have been coding my husband’s website (badly in need of a redesign). I was a bit tempted to buy another PC while I was in Best Buy yesterday with James… I have been thinking about and saving for a MacBook, but with the financial cost of Weston’s care, it will be a while before I can afford to buy anything in the four digit range, that is for sure.

I ended up spending about 4 hours reconstructing Jame’s site. It used to have a much more graphics heavy site, but it was very “gamer.” The new version is still dark but much more browser (mobile and desktop) friendly. I would have liked it if I was able to get the disc 3 of Dexter Season 2, but one can’t have everything.