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Like most webbies, I was literally waiting the moment till I can download the new Google Chrome browser. I had actually tried to download it right after midnight, but alas the download was not released until 11AM on Tuesday. In the meantime, I read the introduction in comic form by Scott McCloud, who authored Reinventing Comics, a book that I read and enjoyed.

The first thing I noticed about the download was that it was fast and easy. The browser, once installed, is also very fast, with a simple interface. With Microsoft recently releasing the Internet Explorer 8, I must say that this is a far superior launch by comparison. ¬†Microsoft’s IE8 beta release has been full of problem. Just do a quick search for “IE8 problems” and compare it to the results for “Google Chrome problems” and you will see what I mean. My Google Toolbar on IE literally doesn’t work anymore and it has problems with viewing Google Maps, which is something I don’t have the patience for. I have already latched on to Firefox as my default choice in browser.

I actually feel a bit naked using Google Chrome — where’s my Facebook toolbar, my del.icio.us button, Diigo toolbar, web developer tools, color picker, measure-it ruler, and multiple search engines? It will be interesting to see what the open source Chrome will inspire in the ways of add-ons and plug-ins. I actually have come to depend on the toolbars and add-ons for Firefox quite a bit. Inspite of the fact that I didn’t experience serious issues with my Firefox 3 upgrade (only had an issue with Flash player in the browser), but many people I know have had serious problems. Upgrading = pain, that’s software for you!

Overall, I am impressed with the Google Chrome release in a “so-far-so good” kind of way, but I probably won’t be switching from my Firefox anytime soon. I hope that Microsoft will be bothered enough that they will make a better product!