our new adopted kitten

Our newly adopted kitten, Wystan

James recently picked out Wystan from a lot of great animals that were presented at the Adopt-a-thon held in Jack London Square. He was the only Maine Coon kitty that we saw, and had very similar coloring to Weston. We took him home and then proceeded to spend the rest of the day thinking about the proper name for him. In the end, James named Wystan after W. H. Auden.

Wystan is nothing like Weston, in spite the physical resemblance in their gray tabbiness. Weston was completely fearless, where as Wystan is a bit of a scaredy-cat. We’re hopeful that Wystan will relax a bit more in the coming weeks. At least he is really taking to being James’ boy.

Here’s a video of Weston that was recently extracted from our Camcorder:

I still think it is so cute that Weston growls when he catches the toy mouse in his mouth.

Koxinga has been adjusting very well to Wystan’s presence. This has strengthened my theory that Koxinga only disliked Weston because Weston feared nothing, therefore did not respect Koxinga’s authority. Wystan is sufficiently scared and subservient to Koxinga’s authority, so Koxinga’s now back to having unchallenged alpha kitty status.

James and I still miss Weston. That kitty was special in so many different ways. I miss having Weston take naps with me during the weekend.