Over the past week, I have been preoccupied with a lot of stuff, but it certainly has not escaped my attention that it’s also layoff season. As a veteran web professional, I have survived my share of layoffs. As an econ geek, I have made it a personal hobby of keeping my ears to the ground and keeping track of the job market just short of being obsessive about it.

During the dot bomb, there were layoff trackers. Unfortunately, most of the layoff trackers have not had much continuity. I have my own custom “layoff alerts” set up on Google News and such, but now there is a resurgence of layoff trackers:

Fucked Startup

Ok, technically, it’s not a real tracker and doesn’t offer a matrix of numbers and such, but it is a pretty darn good blog. Now that Fucked Company is no longer, it is in a great place at the right time. It wasn’t too long ago, when the owner of that site considered selling it, but has since then regained his senses.

TechCrunch Layoff Tracker

Just within the last few days

Just within the last few days!

Wowsers. I guess the housing market won’t be recovering anytime soon. I definitely don’t think we have hit the bottom!