My father sent me this email today:

“Please read through this article. Learn something from it. “Indecisiveness” is the killer to a lot business decisions.

You can read the article here.

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Unfortunately, the truth is the reality of business today is aggressive indecision. Faced with an uncertain future, it is just easier for executives to do nothing. Basically, they cease to be executives as they fail to execute a direction, much like a college student in a constant state of procrastination and cramming before an exam. And frankly, given the cost of innovating and investing in future returns, it is safer for company executives to not spend in new way, to not do something until you absolutely have to makes good political sense. In technology, you can even make the plausible argument that it is best to wait it out and then potentially leapfrog. Technology changes so much after all, so why take the risk? Instead of playing to win, you are playing to not lose.Then when you have to do something, your reaction to it like a catastrophic emergency.

Time stops for no one, and passes you by whether you decide or not.