At 19 weeks, I had my last ultrasound. It was really exciting and we got to see more of the baby this time around, a lot more than at the 12 week ultrasound. At this 18-20 week mid-pregnancy ultrasound they really take a close look at all the baby’s organs, and we got to find out the sex of the baby. James and I had a much better experience this time around because we had a much better technician that explained what we are seeing to us and was more engaging, though I am still a bit disappointed that our ultrasound center doesn’t give us anything but 4 pics in a plain paper printout for “cost reasons.” No video, no thermal paper printout, not even a JPEG… sigh.

So here are the four pics we got from the ultrasound of our baby…
[smugmug url=”″ start=”2″ num=”5″]

Want to guess which photo the proud papa James decided to post on his cubicle at work?

Here’s a hint: