It has hit me this week that I am now down to the last 4 months of my pregnancy. Ever since finding out about the sex of the baby, things are becoming more real. Reality brings out the action in me, and this reality is making me realize that I need to do the following for my unborn child:

  • Make a new will — this time, have a lawyer do it.
  • Get more life insurance (I really should have done this before getting pregnant but better late than never)
  • Get a living trust
  • Start looking for a pediatrician
  • Research cordblood banking and save up for it (I found a great site here.)

I am giving myself the deadline of August 1st. Once I prepare for the worst, I will never need to worry. Plus, should anything happen to me, this would be the most concrete way to show my baby that I loved him even before he was born.