Those who know me know that I am a big fan of using technology to solve problems or manage things. One of my favorite new gadgets is the iPhone/iPod Touch, which offers a whole wide world of applications to do just about anything. Where I used to lament the lack of application for whatever, I find myself having to comparison shop so that I don’t spend that hard-earned $x.99, disk space, and time on the app that isn’t quite there.

Here’s a list of Irene-tested mommy apps on the iPhone/iPod Touch:

iPregnancy, $3.99.
I ended up going with this app because I found Pregnancy Calendar to be too expensive ($9.99). It is comprehensive enough and I liked how it kept tracked of the pregnancy itself. Pregnancy Calendar is a much more comprehensive app but it had components that I was able to get for free.

Here’s a video of it:

iPregnancy v2.0 from Gregory Moore, MD on Vimeo.

iContractions, $.0.99.
I really liked this app for its simplicity. It is useful at a time when you have no tolerance for anything tricky. It kept track of my labor contractions very well so I was able to communicate precisely with my doula and doctor’s office about my contractions. I swear, if I had to sit there with my labor pains going with a pen and paper and do it old fashioned style I would probably shoot someone. This application made it easy for me to keep track so my mind can focus on getting through the contractions!

Total Baby, $4.99.
I really love this app — I am still using it right now. It allows me to keep track of my breastfeeding and other feedings, wet and poopie diapers, baby sleeps, vaccinations, doctor appointments. It is worth the money, especially when you compare it to solutions like the Trixie Tracker. The way I look at it, I don’t really need to share that information with anyone but possibly my doctor. Why pay a reoccurring subscription fee? Trixie Tracker charges you $24.95 for 6 months! I can save all that change to buy other apps!

iTrackBaby, $2.99
This application keeps track of growth chart and milestones for your baby. I use it every month at the doctor’s office when they weigh and measure my son. Not as important an app as the Total Baby, but I really like it nevertheless.