After over 15 years of using ishen-at-mail-dot-com as my email address, I have decided to stop using the mail forwarding service. The original reason for me to keep this email address was for continuity — I used to change ISPs a lot and having a forwarding email address meant that I didn’t have to update my email address all the time just because I changed ISPs.   Also, ishen-at-mail-dot-com is a nice and short, domain that is easy to say and for people to remember. As for my reasons now for ceasing to use, (I struggled with this decision for a few months) there are quite a few.

In spite of a redesign, has bad support.
I had tried to actually update my payment information a couple of months back but the site sent me in loops. Unable to update my payment information, I wrote customer support and got the run around. I couldn’t get any answers but the mailbot still sends me email asking for payment. I checked recently and it looks like they finally fixed the problem with payment update, but by now I am not sure I want to pay for a company with bad support.

$19.99 is too much to pay just for mail forwarding.
It used to be a reasonable price, but these days, email forwarding is a default and free feature. Unless one is really attached emotionally to a particular email address, there is no real reason to pay $20 a year for this feature alone. has been rejected by a few sites as a spam domain. I often register on new web applications to test them out and the domain has been rejected   few times as a spam account. I certainly do not want to be associated with a spam domain.

Too much email.
I get too much email as is, so I am determined to completely restructuring the way I manage email. With Twitter, Facebook, and various tools I have little need to be so dependent on a forwarding address.

I am saying goodbye to ishen-at-mail-dot-com, though it will still work for a bit longer. I am not going to reveal my new email address on this blog post, though. You will either hear from me or you will have to contact me for it.