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My first computer was purchased from Radio Shack — a Tandy 1000. I was 12 years old and my father bought it for me before I went to junior high school. I also had a dot matrix printer a long with it.

My second computer was a Mac PowerBook. I purchased that laptop at the Huntley Bookstore at the Claremont Colleges when I was a freshman at Claremont McKenna Colleges. I even had access to eWorld — anyone remember that?

I am a  privileged  person. Being a tech geek, I have had many more PC desktops and laptops. Some I bought for myself, some issued by work. Most of my working life I have used PCs but I still like the Mac. I had an iMac, and now also a basic MacBook. While I still have my PC desktop, this blog post is written on a Mac. In all likelihood, I will probably remain a Mac for a while longer.


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