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In my ongoing attempts at decluttering, now as I learn to juggle my toddler and newborn along with my SAHM lifestyle, has been very slow going. I have managed to toddler-proof the livingroom, organize the kitchen, but the one thing that I have a really hard time with over the years is to downsize my book collection.

I love having physical books and magazines. I am loving the whole digital books experience since getting into the Kindle (thanks to my present from James and the free iPhone app). In fact, all my new reads are on the Kindle, but I still really love the physical act of leafing through the book and smelling the papers. I spent good money on each book, and it is a part of me. Besides, each book on the shelf is like a trophy to me. It still has some value to me even though I probably will never read it again. There is no way that I would ever be rid of my physical book collection, but having children changes things — it means that where I used to have bookshelves in every room, I now cannot. I cannot even have the bookshelf in the livingroom because the books would never survive my toddler. Now the bookshelves we have left have to contain both my books as well as the ones of my dear husbands.

Here’s an odd thought — ¬†What a weird world it would be if no guest can enter your house and learn about who you are by looking at your bookshelf?

This is going to hurt.

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