I have never had any home economics education, so I had to learn quite a lot on my own, but here are a few things that I think a modern-day home economics course should teach:

  • How to do a home budget with salary, tax, cost of living, etc.
  • How to pick out food ingredients and read nutritional labels
  • How to hem jeans, pants, or dresses
  • How to iron a shirt
  • How to fold fitted sheets
  • What proper fit (clothing) looks like
  • How to clean a house
  • How a toilet works
  • How to cook a week’s worth of meals from scratch
  • How to read nutritional content labels
  • How long foods last and how to store them
  • How kitchen tools work and how to care for them
Of course, I can probably list more… but then these are the kind of things I plan on exploring in this blog.What kind of things would you want to learn from a home economics course?