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I got an email today telling me that Netflix has reversed its decision to split off the DVD business. No Qwikster.

I had downgraded my DVD and streaming account after the announcement because I felt that Netflix was going too far. OK, I can deal with the 60% price hike given that I still found Netflix better than the alternative. I get A LOT out of the streaming, especially since they have a good selection of kids programs. I love nothing better than letting my son watch his favorite Thomas & Friends or Caillou without any commercials. I was also starting to enjoy watching TV episodes and documentary available on the streaming account commercial free.

When Netflix announced the price hike, I contemplated switching to streaming only, but it wasn’t until Netflix announced that they were splitting off the business that I decided to downgrade my account to protest the move. Clearly, I was not the only one. However, I am not sure that I will revert my decision as there is a major rethinking about our entertainment strategy at home currently. Netflix’s announcement about their price change has come along at a time when my family is giving our entertainment strategy and spending some serious analysis.

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