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Irene is:

  • A web professional: product manager, producer, project manager
  • lives on the web
  • an information junkie
  • technology enthusiast
  • passionate about usability and UX
  • armchair behavioral economist
  • loves making kick-ass websites
  • a videogamer
  • a Scrabble addict on the iPhone
  • avid fact-checker
  • a hater of hoax, spam, and glurge
  • Taiwanese-American
  • mom of 3 children, age 6, 4, and 1
  • mom to 2 kitties: Smith and Wystan
  • very Googleable
  • often testing out web apps
  • platform agnostic
  • good at discovering short cuts
  • more interested in reading non-fiction literature, but loves to read in general
  • photography enthusiast, but doesn’t like being in front of the camera
  • a movie and popular culture buff
  • proud of my long record of using and abusing the web since Web 0.5

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